Material Handling Conveyors

Your conveyor systems and accessories need to be the very best available to keep your production line and your profits flowing effortlessly and efficiently day-in and day-out.

We provide a wide range of flexible solutions for industrial, packaging, and automotive assembly conveyor automation needs. From highly configurable standard conveyors to custom conveying solutions, you will find the right fit for your line with we-automate.

Types of conveyors we manufacture

Straight conveyor

  • Flat belt made of rubber
  • Variable/Fixed speeds as per customer requirement
  • Suitable for surface sensitive components to avoid dents & scratched on surfaces

Curved Conveyors

  • Can take multiple bends to follow critical material path
  • Flexibility as per customer requirement
  • Can suit congested shop floor layouts

Segregation Conveyor

  • Automated multi conveyor system to segregate material as per their types
  • High speed segregation possible for process lines like food & beverages, Bottling plants

Dual pallet lifter

Pallet lifting system

Roller Conveyor

  • Available in straight as well as curved paths
  • Can take heavy loads upto 200 Kgs
  • Best suitable for gravity loading on assembly lines
  • Low cost solution for fatigue free material movement

Chain conveyors

  • Multiple rollers can drive one single motor trough linked bi-sprocket arrangement
  • Can convey heavy loads as high as 1000 Kgs
  • Bearing fitted inside roller tubes to take high loads