About Us

We offer the perfect synergy of experience, automation technology, Precision manufacturing services and scale to advance factory automation solutions for the India's leading manufacturers


Our unique track record of innovation and passion for excellence sets us apart as the one of the leaders in automation. This comes from years of experience in helping many of the India's most successful manufacturers with their new product launches, capacity expansions, and productivity improvement initiatives. Whether you need WE-AUTOMATE to build custom automation or help you take advantage of our equipment manufacturing facility, we have the scale and resources to meet requirements of best in class LEAN manufacturing industries. 


 We help you face your challenges in factory design and automation by following an innovative and thoroughly-tested process to provide best-in class solutions.


We analyze our extensive technology portfolio to determine whether we can effectively meet all project requirements through our deep knowledge base. 


We integrate out technology and expertise with expectations from our world-class customers to make best feasible ideas to get implemented 


If the right tools don't yet exist, we combine our creativity and expertise to bring them to life. 


Bringing thousands of unique automation projects to market has helped us develop an extensive range of automation technology and experience. Here are just a few examples: 


We use programmable software to control virtually any industry-standard third-party camera and lighting system and perform high-precision part and defect identification, measurement, sorting, and robotic guidance. 


For the Automotive sector we offer manufacturing of special purpose machines and assembly automation solutions that are in-line with current trends of Lean Manufacturing with optimized work cells having Poka-Yoke systems for assuring production of the correct products and integrated testing and inspection systems for ensuring conformance to the desired quality